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AeroTech | Myers Equipment Corp

The AeroTech is the gold standard for product quality, durability, and reliable performance among 20’-25’ mid-size buses with up to 25 passengers. Our most popular model, the Aerotech offers unmatched versatility for fixed and on demand transit and paratransit service routes, and also as a retail specialty vehicle for airport parking, hotel, assisted living, tour bus, college/university and other commercial applications.

Since its introduction to the industry in 1985, the AeroTech has been a best seller and a benchmark for all others. The rust proof steel reinforced fiberglass composite body provides for lower temperature absorption, improved sound insulation and significant shock absorption minimizing damage and increasing safety in the event of an accident. Not to mention sleek modern curves with a gelcoat shine that will shimmer for the life of the vehicle with very easy maintenance..

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AeroTech Brochure