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AeroLite | Myers Equipment Corp

The AeroLite is a 19’-21’ mid-size bus built on an 88” narrow body that provides increased maneuverability in confined spaces and streets in urban areas for fixed and on demand transit and paratransit service, and commercial applications such as airport parking, hotel, corporate shuttle, church and assisted living. Designed for 14 or fewer passengers, the Aerolite is an ideal non-CDL option for replacing standard passenger vans.

The lightest and most nimble of the ElDorado “Aero” product line, the AeroLite offers easy maneuverability in confined spaces and narrow city streets with added stability provided from dual rear wheels. AeroLite’s stylish, modern composite fiberglass body is highly resistant to impact, rust and corrosion and is a step up from passenger vans with a larger payload with increased GVWR.

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Aerolite Brochure