Cross Conveyor – Equip your medium-duty (15,000+ GVW) dump truck to handle your year-round spreading needs. Whether you’re shouldering material filling a ditch, patching asphalt, or spreading sand on snow and ice, the heavy-duty Cross Conveyor can get the job done.


RTG – If your medium-duty (15,000+ GVW) dump truck has less than 44” clearance from the floor of the dump bed to the ground, you’ll want to go with a Swenson Replaceable Tailgate (RTG) spreader. Spread salt, sand, or both from 4’-40’ on icy drives and snowy parking lots.


UTG – If you’re looking to turn your medium-duty (15,000+ GVW) dump truck into a salt spreader and it has 44” of clearance between the dump bed and the ground, the Swenson Under Tailgate (UTG) is for you. The UTG Premium has all the same great features and benefits of the Base Line, but it’s constructed with heavier gauge materials, meaning it’s built to take more of a beating.


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