At Osage Ambulances, though we certainly take great pride in building new products, we also know that buying a new ambulance is not always the top option in today’s difficult economy. For those who are looking for an more cost-effective option, ambulance remounts can be the way to go.

Part of the process of building a new ambulance involves the mounting of the module anyway, so we have a lot of expertise in performing ambulance remounts on older ambulances. Our Remount Director, Steve Voss, heads up a team that has more than 40 years of experience in performing ambulance remounts. At Osage, we have performed ambulance remounts on more than 250 vehicles. That includes a variety of brands, so rest assured that we can perform ambulance remount on your vehicle, even if it is not an Osage ambulance. That level of experience and variety is tough to find, especially when coupled with our high level of customer service. 

When a full comparison is made, ambulance remounts can save a lot of money as opposed to buying a new ambulance all together, so contact us today and save big on costs without losing any quality in your vehicle!


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