Gaining more efficiency is exactly what’s needed in today’s economic environment. Stow-Away Drawers give you that extra space and organization you need without having to give up valuable bed space. With Stow-Away Drawers even short bed pick-ups carry more tools and other items than long beds. Stow-Away Drawers are made possible because our tool boxes are suspended by Tool Box Hangers instead of being supported by legs. This opens up that wasted space underneath the tool boxes gaining even more efficiency from your pick-up truck. Drawers can be set up so that the entire drawer can be slid out (it can also be completely removed in seconds if desired), or they can be set up so that the drawer remains stationary and the door is hinged down to access long items or to access Pullout Trays. The door and drawer latch closed and are easily locked. Locks can be keyed alike to match our Full Access Tool Box locks. Both the drawer and Pullout Trays ride on aluminum extrusions with nylon guides.


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