How do I select a plow best suited for my truck?
Downsized vehicles will use either the Home Plow or Drive Pro series snow plows. Examples of these vehicles include the Wrangler, Tacoma, Colorado/Canyon, Ranger, etc… ½-Ton vehicles will use either the Drive Pro or Lot Pro (LD) Light Duty series snow plows. These plows are for non-commercial use, as they are recommended for personal use only. ¾-Ton and 1-Ton vehicles, or vehicles up to a 17,000# GVW, will use the Lot Pro, Super V/V2, or Diamond Edge series snow plows. These are your commercial grade use snow plows. The Road Pro 32 series snow plows are designed for contractors and municipalities with trucks between the 9,600#-26,000# GVW range. All chassis heavier than that will be bumped to the Road Pro 36 series snow plows.
How do I know if my vehicle is recommended for a snow plow application?
Only vehicles that have the vehicle manufacturer’s snow plow prep package are recommended for snow plowing. GM uses the “VYU” option code. Ford uses the “86M” option code. Dodge uses the “AHH” or “AHD” option code. Plowing without the original Snow Plow Preparation Package may damage your vehicle and void any warranty, and the added weight to the chassis may impair the operation and control of the vehicle. If your vehicle is not equipped with the Snow Plow Preparation Package, we at Myers Equipment Corp., will not install the plow on the chassis. We ask that you consult with us before you purchase any new or used snow plow, whether you purchase it from us or not, we don’t want you to be left in the dark by this.
What warranty comes with my purchase?
Everything that we sell comes with some sort of warranty. Whether it is a 90-Day limited warranty, or a 10-Year body warranty, everything is covered. Each product and manufacturer has their own standards that we abide by, so be sure to ask your salesman to break down the warranty for you before you make the purchase.
Do you offer financing?
Yes, we DO offer financing for our bus and ambulance product lines. Anything with a title, we provide a financing option for. If you need truck equipment products, we DO NOT offer financing, so you’ll have to go through a third party bank. Some of our equipment manufacturers offer their own financing through their own third party source, and we can help guide you in that direction if would like to choose that option.
Where are you located?
In 1999, after a 60 year stay in downtown Canfield, we moved to our current location at 8860 Akron-Canfield Road (St. Rt. 224) in Ellsworth, Ohio. We’re centrally located between Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, 25 minutes southwest of Youngstown, OH and 30 minutes northeast of Alliance, OH. Located halfway between St. Rt. 45 and St. Rt. 46, we’re easily accessible from any direction. If using a GPS, plug in 8860 Akron-Canfield Rd, Canfield, Ohio, or Google Search “Myers Equipment Corp.