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February 2018



Recently, Thomas Built Buses and Myers Equipment have received high praise for customer service.  At the national and local levels, people are taking notice of our commitment to our customers.

Thomas Built Buses just achieved a “World Class” Net Promoter Score.  The Net Promoter Score is generated through customer feedback after delivery.  For reference, the “World Class” rating puts us on par with Apple and USAA, and ahead of companies like Amazon and Southwest Airlines.  We are excited to be in that sort of company!  However, we are not surprised as we continue to provide the highest customer satisfaction that we possibly can.

Myers Equipment has also received a great deal of positive feedback as of late.  For instance, Harley from Jackson Local Schools said, “We really like Myers Equipment Corp.  They are great, family-oriented, and take a personal interest in their customers.”  Rich from South East Area Transit remarked, “We have dealt with Myers Equipment for many years for parts, service, and new vehicles.  The staff is honest, reliable, responsive, personable, and very knowledgeable.” 

Pennsylvania customers echo these sentiments.  D.J. Frye of Frye Transportation Group said, “The Minotour is the best minibus on the market.  Myers treats us like family and goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.”  Chris Fornalczyk from North East School District thanked us for our great customer service.  Kelly from Valley Lines, Inc. complimented the serviceability of the Saf-T-Liner C2, especially when compared to the competition. 

If you are a longtime customer, we thank you for the business and support for all these years.  If you haven’t tried us, we would love the opportunity to provide great customer service for you, too!



We have just announced our Parts Sale for the rest of February and all of March.  This time around, wiper blades, washer nozzles, Braun parts, and Ricon parts are all 10% off.  Heater motors and heater filters are 15% off.  Please give us a call with any parts needs that you might have!

It may be hard to believe, but the time is already here to begin the ordering process for next school year.  We would love to assist in creating bus specs for you.  Every fleet has unique needs and we have something to fit just about every need that you may have.

Did you know that today’s diesel engines are much cleaner than diesel engines of the past?  The graphic below helps to illustrate just how far that diesel engines have come.  Combine that with the recently improved Cummins aftertreatment system, and you have a fuel source that is both clean and reliable.  To learn more about fuel choices, visit or give me a call to discuss what the right fuel choice might be for you.

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