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June 2017



We talk quite a bit about our Saf-T-Liner C2, but a bus that you may not know as much about is our Type A unit, the Minotour. If you are looking for unprecedented strength and safety in a minibus, look no further.

The Minotour is available with either a Ford gas engine or a GM gas engine. With either engine that you choose, you get the same premium body strength. Our Minotour is designed to be as strong as a full-size school bus.  Its safety cage body construction utilizes one piece skirt-to-skirt roof bows and two internal crash rails. What does that mean in terms of actual strength?  It means that we can put a Type D Saf-T-Liner EFX on the roof of one of our Minotours without any structural damage whatsoever. In fact, the windows and doors still opened smoothly! Check out the picture below to see that test in action.

Just because it is built to be as strong as possible doesn’t mean that it can’t also be comfortable to drive. Its 73” headroom means that your driver will have room to move around.  We have also conveniently placed the instrument panel overhead, so that the driver’s vision is not obstructed in any way when looking through the entrance door or the extra 306” Saf-T-Vue glass left of the entrance. Combine all of that with our thermal poly fiber insulation and you have a minibus that is both safe and fun to drive.



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